Stained Glass

There are many wonderful examples of stained glass windows within Renfrewshire, typically within buildings of a religious nature. The annual Doors-open-Day event allows a fair number of these to be viewed.

Window in Greenock’s Municipal Buildings showing twelve main towns (including Govan) in old Renfrewshire — presumably those with a town council.

This window is different from the image top, and many that we will look at in this section, in terms of technique. Here they use special glass paint (which is usually made of finely ground up glass) to stencil on the design, then the sheet or panel of glass is fired just enough to lightly melt the paint. It fuses just a little with the glass panel, creating that effect. With the real stained glass windows, such as the example top, the effects are hand-painted onto the glass sections but typically the individual glass pieces aren’t fired. The paint doesn’t really fuse to the glass in the same way that the stencil or transfer technique does.