Historic Graveyards

Image top: Entrance to Kilallan churchyard.

This section interprets an historic graveyard as containing early gravestones, typically 19th century and earlier, well beyond any living memory of the person interred, which may show symbolic sculpture and inscriptions, reflecting the burial and social customs of that time and whatever meaning the deceased (or their family) desired to present to the living.

The list of pre-1855 monumental inscriptions, compiled by The Scottish Genealogy Society (SGS) in two volumes for Renfrewshire, is used as a guide. The SGS use the date of 1855 since after this point registration of deaths in Scotland was compulsory, thus a documentary record should exist. However, the SGS do also include post-1855 data, should it have been inscribed on an pre-1855 stone.

It should also be mentioned that Renfrewshire Family History Society are actively transcribing monumental inscriptions of Renfrewshire’s cemeteries and have published some of their work.

Tomb of Lord John Sempill, Castle Semple Collegiate Church, Lochwinnoch.

Renfrew Old Parish Church & Graveyard